URGENT: Prayer needed!!! Monday, 8-18-2008

 Hello everyone,

 This is an emergency prayer request for my Dad...

 Yesterday we arrived in Manchester England, and this morning around 10:00 AM, when my dad was standing next to me as we were planning our day, we both heard a loud "pop" (like when you pop your neck). However, I realized that it wasn't that because dad fell backwards onto my bed in pain...

 He describes it like if a rubber band snapped inside his leg! And there is a LOT of pain in the area. He can't put any weight on it. It is behind his right knee down into the calf muscle, but we believe that God will heal him. We are NOT accepting what the enemy wants to dish out, but are standing on God's word for healing... we are asking all of you for your prayers for his complete healing and that this would be a great testimony to what the Lord has ALREADY DONE! And also that the pain will leave immediately. We do not have any type of medical insurance and have trusted the Lord for over 17 years and relied on His word for healing and He has never let us down yet.

 We know that this is just an attack of the enemy because of the full schedule we have over here that has us going from place to place playing and ministering with all of our baggage... We have 4 large suitcases, 2 guitars, 2  backpacks, a computer bag, camera bag, and some extra small bags of water, food and miscellaneous items that we are bringing with us every time we move... So, this is an added strain to us here which is meant to put a stop to what the Lord has us doing.

 We refuse to accept this, and we are still planning to pack up and head on to the next meeting as scheduled. We are seeking God's guidance on how to accomplish our next moves. Dad is refusing to allow this to put a stop to what God has called us to do. We are tentatively leaving the Nazarene Theological College tomorrow, or the next day to stay with a family, and from there onto the next location in Wales, etc. Getting from the College to the home, and then from there to Wales is a challenge for us as it is quite a distance from where we are, and moving all this baggage without my Dad�s help will be a serious issue to cope with...

 I'm sure that some of you will remember that this happened to my dad back in 2002, and that God healed him then. I know that God has it all under control, and that in His time this will prove to be a great testimony. Again, thank you for your prayers and support in this time.

 God bless,
 Buddy Tetreault

 P.S. If you would like to send a note of encouragement to my dad, I am certain that he would really appreciate it. Please send them to my Dad's email address: Here! I'll be checking it for him daily over the next few days, and reading any words of encouragement you may wish to send him.

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